Hire Happy Hardware!

I am available for freelance work, with a specialty in designing robust, low cost electronics. I have 7 years of experience in multiple fields of electronics design, including consumer, automotive/industrial, and defense. I know how to design your hardware on time, on budget, and to specs/quality. I work with manufacturers to develop systems that are easy, quick, and cheap to fabricate and test (DFM/DFT), and resilient to part shortages/supply chain woes that the rest of the industry struggles with today. I can supply comprehensive, yet straightforward documentation so you can understand the design, as well as take over the manufacture/ordering process after my work is completed. I can design FPGA/CPLD, microcontroller, power, digital, analog, and mixed signal systems.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project! Any discussion between us will remain strictly confidential. My freelance work is typically limited to 20hrs per week. Availability depends on current work, and scope of your project.