MIXIFIER - Active 4 Channel Matrix Mixer/Amplifier Eurorack Module

Happy Hardware

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The MIXIFIER is an extremely flexible, yet straightforward 18 hp eurorack utility module for mixing and routing. It's an active matrix mixer, featuring 4 input channels and 4 output channels; each with their own built-in passive mult, allowing for super convenient routing without having to interrupt your signal chain. Each knob allows a copy of its corresponding input channel to be attenuated or amplified, and mixed into the corresponding output channel. Each knob has a detent at the 12:00 position so you can effortlessly set them to the unity gain position (input signal is perfectly replicated at the output). From that position, counterclockwise rotation attenuates the signal, while clockwise rotation amplifies it. All channels are non-inverting, DC coupled, for use with both audio and CV. The passive mult jacks also offer a convenient way to branch signals, or loop them back to the input (add a delay for "no-input" chaotic noise generation!), or chain multiple units together if you need more channels. The module is entirely analog, and operates rail-to-rail, so the output can span the entire voltage range (+/- 11.5V, or 23Vpp typical, due to reverse voltage protection diodes). Amplification/attenuation can be swept from theoretical -26 dB (effectively complete silence) to 7.6 dB (2.4x signal gain). The module has 24k ohm input impedance, and 1k ohm output impedance. The module's power input also features reverse voltage protection, and PTC fuse overcurrent protection.